How to Develop Research Questions for Dissertation?

Research Questions for Dissertation
A research question is called the backbone of the dissertation. It is the question or purpose on which your dissertation depends. A good research question is fundamental to guide your dissertation. It pinpoints precisely what you need to find out and gives your work an unmistakable concentration and reason. All research questions should be focused on a solitary issue. They should be researchable utilizing essential and/or secondary sources, and must be possible to answer inside the time span and handy imperatives. The research question must be sufficiently explicit to answer altogether, sufficiently complex to develop the appropriate response over the space of a paper or postulation and pertinent to your field of study more broadly.

A dissertation usually has more than one research question that is related to each other and the answer that you develop through your research is called your thesis statement. As told by a dissertation help firm, the thesis statement is the principal statement about which will argue for in your dissertation.

Type of Research Questions:
There are different types of research questions based on the type of research you are conducting. There are two types of research; qualitative and quantitative. Both of these types of research need strong research questions. The type of research question you develop depends on what your research is based on and what type of research you are conducting. Generally there are three common types of research question
  1. Descriptive Research Question
  2. Comparative Research Question
  3. Casual Research Question
  • Descriptive Research Question: Descriptive research questions are developed for descriptive research where you research for describing something. Your research question starts with how much, what is, kind of words.
  • Comparative Research Questions: Comparative research questions are used for types of research where you analyse or compare two things or groups in which variables are dependent. The comparative research questions begin with what is the difference between or to compare the difference.
  • Casual Research Question: When you are researching for finding out the relationship of one variable with other variables under study you develop causal research questions. In this research there is one independent variable and the other variables are dependent on it. It is also known as cause and effect study. The causal research questions begin with what is the relationship between.

Development of Research Question:
There are few steps for developing the research question. First of all you have to choose a topic. Then you have to do initial research to understand the topic for finding out the areas which can bring on debate and arguments. Then you narrow down your research topic that you want to focus or research on. Then you find out the theoretical or practical research problem related to this topic for working. It is known as a problem statement. One you have finalized the problem statement of your research you frame one or more questions about this problem statement.

How to Make Your Research Question Strong:
Developing a research question is not a difficult task but making it strong one is very crucial. Research questions grapple your entire task, so it's essential to spend some time refining them. The suggestions underneath can assist you with assessing the quality of your research question.
  • Your single research question must focus on a single problem. Your main research question should be based on your research problem to keep your work concentrated. If your dissertation has multiple questions then all questions should be related to each other as well as to the problem statement.
  • The research question must be the one that is answerable. By using a qualitative or quantitative approach you can find the answer of the question developed for research. If you are unable to find the relevant data or the data is unable to provide your answer then it means that you have to redevelop your research question.
  • The research question does not request an emotional worth judgment. Avoid abstract words like good, bad, better and more terrible, as these do not give clear rules for responding to the question. On the off chance that your question is assessing something, use terms with more quantifiable definitions.
  • Your research question should not ask why. Why make research make a topic broad which can be very difficult to answer and complete rightly.
  • The research question must be the one that can be answerable within certain real constraints. It should be specific and well defined. It must not be based on conclusive solutions, policy, or course of action.
  • A strong research question is one that can’t be answered with yes or no or simple facts and figures. It requires details and critical thinking. It should provide the scope for debate, arguments and deliberation.
  • A strong research question not only provides answers to the current research debate but also opens a path for the future researchers.
  • Last but not the least a strong research question is the one that is novel and has not been answered before.

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