How to Write a Dissertation Outline
A dissertation is the research based work that every student has to complete in college or university. Dissertation is a must for acquiring a masters or PhD degree. Being the most important part of a degree program, a dissertation must be written using correct structure and outline. A well-composed and well built outline is the base of a dissertation. most of the times, students are asked to submit an outline prior to the final submission of the complete dissertation. if the tutor approves dissertation outline then a student can continue to complete whole dissertation. so, it is very important to compose correct dissertation outline. This article offers suggestions and tips by a cheap dissertation writing service on how to write a dissertation outline. Generally, the dissertation outline is structured as follows;
  4. Dissertation ABSTRACT
  6. LIST OF TABLES (If available)
  7. LIST OF FIGURES (if available)

  • An introduction to the research topic
  • Background of the research
  • Problem Statement
  • Objectives of the research
  • Research Questions
  • Structure of the remaining dissertation
  2. Review of the literature against hypothesis-1
  3. Review of the literature against hypothesis-2
  4. Review of the literature against hypothesis-3
  5. Summary of the literature review
Remember that literature review is not just description of the previous literature related to your research topic. You need to critically discuss the pros and cons of previous studies and then give your own opinion about it. In addition to this it is also very important relate it with your research question and tell the reader how these research describe the need to conduct current research.

  • RESEARCH STRATEGY Adopted for current research
  • Limitation of the RESEARCH
The methodology chapter describes in details the research strategy, methods and instruments to collect and analyze data. in order to write it perfectly, the student must include a rationale as to why a certain strategy, method or analytical technique is best for the study.

Chapter-4 Results
  • In case, your dissertation is best on quantitative research, the chapter will include the figures, tables or charts along with the brief description
  • In case, the dissertation is based on qualitative research or a case study approach the chapter consists of related findings of the study in a descriptive format.
Chapter 5-DISCUSSION of the Results While discussing the results, the research need to include;
  • Justification of research topic or need to conduct the research
  • A brief summary or recap of the literature review and methodology.
  • A justification for selected sample
  • A brief review of Results
  • Analysis of the research –analyze the research results by answering each research question or hypothesis. Discuss whether the research supports previous literature using literature review chapter. Conclude this part of the chapter by giving a summary and answering main research question.
  • Summary of the whole dissertation
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendations
To write a good dissertation or thesis the student must be a good storyteller. It requires writing skills or high level. As a dissertation is a lengthy task and it is the part of degree programs so the expectations of tutors or professors are very high. In order to write a high quality dissertation, the student must have full grip on topic, knowhow on writing literature review, comprehensive knowledge on different methodologies as well as analytic al skills. In addition to this, your overall language and grammar must be perfect.

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