Why it is hard to adjust in the college in the UK as an international student

The college life in the UK is an exciting time for international students. Most international students face difficulties to adjust in the UK College. Here are some reasons: Why it is hard to adjust in the college in the UK as an international student?

New assignments:

In your college courses, you will likely be graded in many ways: on tests, papers, and class participation. In the UK College, the student writes an assignment. Most students find it hard to write a new assignment structure. An international student faces difficulties in study system of UK College. 

According to the Auk BOJIVIC student, 

“ When I came first in the UK college, I had a problem with research papers, as I have never written them in high school in Serbia, I was not familiar with the structure of a paper and citations “. 

Cultural differences
When you arrive at UK College, you will be immersed in a different culture than you are used at home. An international student feels homesickness at a different culture. For example, in Spain, people commonly touch and bump into each other in busy areas, but in the UK, people do not wish to be touched in any way by strangers. UK culture is different from other country cultures. 

Financial challenges
In the UK Colleges, international students face many financial challenges. College in the United Kingdome is expensive. If your college does not offer you a health plan, look into international student health insurance, such as students secure and HCC medical insurance. 

New food
For an international student, adopting new food in unlimited quantities can be especially challenging. According to an international student: 

“I gain a lot of weight when I came in UK college, and then I decided that, no------ I am not going to eat this junk stuff anymore “ 

The good news is that colleges offer wellness services and nutrition counselling to help you identify smart food choices. 

New subjects
In the UK, many colleges require students to take a set of general education classes, regardless of their majors, to expose them to a wide variety of subject. This can come as a surprise for an international student, who expects only to take, for example, business or engineering in the college. 

A student of Drake College says:
“When I saw the schedule, I was like, “wait”, why do I have to do history? Why do I have to do religion? 

New friends
College life is not restricted to the classroom. A huge part of the college experience happens after class- and for international students, integrating publicly can be a hurdle. Getting involved on campus is one way to meet new people- whether that is not in academic clubs, social organization, or even a part-time job. An international student remarks, 

“I had trouble in accepting new friends and building a relationship the first two weeks” 

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