A Review On Samsung Galaxy Fold And S10 5G

Samsung Galaxy Fold
An evaluation of something is known as a review. There are different types of reviews. First, there comes a user review. In a user review, a user tries to express his views about a specific product. Second is known as a book review. In a book review, the readers try to analyze a book on the basis of its style, content and merit. Thirdly, there come music reviews. In the music reviews, we try to take an overview of the performance, recording and composition of different songs. Here, experts of dissertation proposal writing services will provide an overview of two products Samsung Galaxy Fold and S10 5G.

Review on Samsung Galaxy Fold
The look of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is unique for the users but it is very expensive. The releasing date of Samsung Galaxy Fold in the UK is 3 May. It is expected that its starting rate will be almost €2000. Samsung has decided to launch two models of these foldable mobile phones. First is known as a 5G model and the second is known as the LTE model. It is expected that there will be two screens for this foldable phone. The size of one screen is 4.6 inch. The outer display of this phone is HD plus and its ratio is 21:9. The size of another screen is almost 7.3 inch and its aspect ratio is 4.2:3.

Another important feature of these two screens is that these screens are rounded at the corners. This phone opens just like a book and after closing it, we feel that two mobiles are folded together. Both the sides of the fold are joined together strictly with the help of lots of gears. These multiple gears are interlocked with each other. The outer display of this phone is allowing the users to get access to the apps. The RAM on this phone is 12 GB. It has amazing internal storage of 512GB. It has two batteries and the power of these two batteries is 4380mAh. You can also charge it with the help of a wireless charger.

Review on Samsung Galaxy S10 5G
Samsung Galaxy S10 5G provides a glimpse of the future. It is an amazing phone due to its huge display, long life battery, huge space for data storage and four rear cameras. The price of this phone is also very high. Its price is almost $999. It is a big phone because the size of its screen is almost 6.7 inch. Its weight is almost 198 grams. Its OS is Android 9. Its resolution is also impressive.

The CPU of this phone is Octa-Core Chipset. The RAM of this amazing phone is 8GB. Moreover, its internal storage is 256GB. Its battery timing is amazing because the power of its battery is 4500mAh. There are four rear cameras on this phone. These rear cameras are 16MP, 3D, 12MP and 12MP. For the selfie boys and girls, this phone is also amazing because its front cameras are 10MP and 3D. Its power key is easily accessible because it is located on the right of the handset.

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