The Dissertation Evaluation Checklist: The Points You Need To Focus On The Final Write Up Of Your Undergraduate Dissertation

A checklist provides a list of all the things that are necessary to do. This checklist acts as a reminder for the students. If you are going to accomplish a mind-blowing undergraduate dissertation, then you can’t deny the importance of a checklist. This checklist will provide a clear idea to the students whether their dissertation is written by fulfilling the required guidelines and needs or not. As a student, if you are not able to prepare a checklist for an undergraduate dissertation, then you can get help from expert writers of the dissertation writing services. A possible dissertation evaluation checklist for the undergraduate students is given below; 
1) General formatting

It is an unavoidable thing for the students to write a dissertation by following the professional structure and format. Therefore, with the help of a dissertation evaluation checklist, you should try to make sure that your dissertation is written by following the professional structure and format. For this reason, you should try to include these points in the dissertation evaluation list;

A) The right, left, upper, and left margins of a page should be at one inch

B) The font size should be 12 points and it should be consistent throughout the dissertation

C) All the paragraphs are intended

D) The page numbers are written at the upper left corner of the page

2) Title page

The title page is the front page of a dissertation. The title page of a dissertation should be interesting to the audience. In the dissertation evaluation checklist, you should try to make sure the following things about the title page;

A) There should be 2-inch margin from the upper side of the title page

B) The title page should be written with the help of capital letters

C) It should include your name, your advisor’s name, your department name, and the title of the dissertation

D) The statement of your dissertation should be correctly stated

E) There is no need to provide page number to the title page

3) Preliminary pages

You should try to prepare all the preliminary pages of your dissertation according to the requirements and guidelines of your advisor. For this reason, the dissertation evaluation checklist should include the following points;

A) Write a copyright page by preserving all the rights

B) Write an abstract page by providing a clear idea about the main theme of your dissertation

C) Write down dedication, acknowledgement, and preface pages just according to the requirements of the advisor

D) Provide a list of all the main points of your dissertation in the title page of a dissertation

E) Never forget to provide a list of all the tables, figures, and illustrations in your dissertation

F) You should also try to prepare pages about the list of abbreviations and list of symbols

4) Chapters

After the preliminary pages of a dissertation, you should also make sure that your dissertation contains all the required chapters. The main chapters of a dissertation are an introduction, discussion, literature review, conclusion, findings etc. While evaluating a dissertation, you should also make sure that either your dissertation contains all the main chapters or not. Moreover, to get insurance about their needs and requirements is also an important thing.

5) Some other dissertation evaluation points

In the dissertation evaluation checklist, you should also try to include these important things. These important things are given below;

A) Take a clear review of the footnotes of a dissertation

B) Take a clear review about the endnotes of a dissertation

C) Make sure that all the appendices are placed after the last chapter of a dissertation

D) All the resources are placed in the references list of a dissertation

E) A dissertation is free from the plagiarism issues

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